Islay is dedicated to providing a compassionate and safe space for students to explore the union of body and mind. Her classes hold the space for students to connect with a mindfulness practice while being actively present in their body; with the ultimate goal of empowering students to honor themselves and meet their practice where it is today. She firmly believes that what is practiced on the mat leads the way for an enriching life practice.

Her classes improve flexibility, build strength, and provide the context for students to become more grounded. While classes are designed to progressively become more challenging, options are offered to encourage students to respect their own limits and have fun.

Islay received her teaching certification from Providence Power Yoga, and continues to deepen her training by pursuing further educational opportunities while maintaining a personal practice.

Certified Yoga Instructor
First-Aid and CPR Certifications (current)
Fully covered with Fitness and Wellness Insurance

Anti-Racism & Allyship for Rehab and Movement Professionals with Dr Jennifer Hutton, 2 non-contact hours completed June 2020
Introduction to Trauma-Informed Yoga Therapy, with Alex Bauermeister, 16 hours completed February 2020
Deconstruct to Reconstruct
 with Alexandria Crow, 15 hours completed December 2020
Cadaver Anatomy Workshop
with Ed Cardinal, 3 hours anticipated completion September 2019
Introduction to Mindfulness,
Brown University Mindfulness Center, 7.5 hours anticipated completion August 2019
Yin Yoga Assisting Workshop 
with Melanie Cooper, 5 hours completed May 2019
Yoga Anatomy Workshop with David Keil, 20 non-contact hours completed Spring 2019
Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine with Tiffany Cruikshank, 5 non-contact hours complete December 2018
Yin Yoga 101 with Josh Summers, 20 non-contact hours completed July 2018
Yin Yoga for Your Body with Bernie Clark, 8 non-contact hours completed May 2018
Yoga Philosophy & Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras with Theresa Murphy, 10 hours completed March 2018
Congruence – Where Intention & Outcome Meet 
with Alexandria Crow, 17 hours completed January 2018
Inclusivity Training for Yoga: Building Community with Compassion
with Chelsea Jackson Roberts, PhD, 20 CEUs completed February 2017.
From the Inside Out with Alexandria Crow, 15 hours completed December 2017
Yoga Therapy for Back Care with Theresa Murphy, 35 hours completed November 2017
Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Theresa Murphy, 30 hours completed September 2017
The Flow: Asana Families, Shape, Study & Sequencing with Theresa Murphy, 15 hours completed July 2017
RYT 200 Vinyasa Yoga Training at Providence Power Yoga, completed May 2017


Deep Yin Workshop, a seasonal 2 hour advanced yin yoga workshop, Fall 2018 – current
Mindfulness Mondays, a summer class series joining present moment awareness with asana, Summer 2019
Yin Yoga – yin yoga classes at Providence Power Yoga, Fall 2017 – current
Yoga for Night Owls – Hour long, evening vinyasa yoga classes at Providence Power Yoga, Fall 2017 – current
Yoga at the Yard – Free summer community yoga classes hosted outdoors at the Steel Yard, 2017

Over 7 years of consistent asana practice