Islay’s weekly classes and workshops are designed to hold space for students to expand their mind, challenge their perceptions, investigate their corporeal experience, and to connect with the teachings of yogic wisdom traditions. She considers yoga asana as the vehicle to investigate and internalize yogic philosophies and concepts.  

Her sequences are intelligently designed to improve flexibility, build strength, resilience, and empower students to foster a sense of curiosity about their unique asana practices. Utilizing the body’s muscle memory and the strength cultivated through a yang practice, classes are designed to become progressively more challenging while always holding the space for compassion. 

Islay views each group experience to be a personal practice that just happens to be in a community setting. With this philosophy in mind, she incorporates options and choice into her classes to facilitate an equitable platform for students to celebrate personal agency while making mindful decisions about their practice. 



First Sunday of every month, 6:30 – 8:30PM
Hosted by Rhode Island Hot Yoga, Providence RI

Explore the inner landscapes of body and mind by combining yin yoga and self inquiry. This extended class begins with meditation and pranayama (breathwork). From there, postures are paired with myo-fascia release techniques to directly target the deeper tissues of the body. Throughout class, students will come to their appropriate edge, be still and soft in the muscles, and hold shapes for a longer period of time – sometimes up to 10 minutes! Deep Yin ends with a luxurious savasana, leaving students feeling restored and rejuvenated. 

The Deep Yin practice increases circulation and improves flexibility, leaving students feeling more comfortable in the tissues of their body and with a quieter mind.



Third Thursday of Every Month, 6:00 – 7:30 PM
Hosted by Providence Power Yoga, Providence RI

Go deeper in your Yin practice in this advanced class. Students will work with the tenets of Yin Yoga: coming to an appropriate edge, being still and soft in the muscles, and holding shapes for a longer period of time – up to 10 minutes.

Class will include meditation, pranayama, somatics, asana, and closes with a luxurious savasana. Students should expect to utilize all the standard yoga props, but having two straps is recommended.




The repetitive action of running can cause ingrained movement patterns in the muscles and tightness in fascia (the body’s network of connective tissue that interweaves and secures muscles and bones). This workshop will teach you how your yoga practice can counteract some of the effects of your running practice. 

In this workshop, you will learn key yoga postures that you can incorporate into your pre and post running routine to alleviate areas of tension. Focusing on the main muscle groups used during running, we will begin with a slow-flow vinyasa practice centered on the hips and legs. We will then slow down with a sequence of yin yoga postures that passively stretch the muscles and connective tissues. We will end the practice with a restorative inversion designed to encourage restoration to the feet and legs.

Please note – although this workshop is designed for runners, it will be beneficial to anybody that stands for extended periods of time, or experiences tightness in their lower body.


4 Hour Workshop

By focusing your attention inward, you will enhance your proprioception, interoception, nociception, and your ability to engage with mental stimulus in a pragmatic way. This workshop introduces participants to the tenets of yin yoga and mindfulness techniques while growing their confidence to apply the information presented their personal practice or led classes. 

Ideal for yoga teachers and students, this workshop provides a comprehensive introduction to the practice and guiding principles of yin yoga, the history of this practice. After a semi-guided intuitive yoga practice, concepts of mindfulness and mindful communication techniques will be addressed. 

This workshop is ideal to embed within a yoga teacher training program, and provides aspiring yoga teachers with a foundational understanding of Yin Yoga, Mindfulness, and the value of their students personal agency.