Islay’s weekly classes and workshops are designed to hold space for students to expand their mind, challenge their perceptions, investigate their corporeal experience, and to connect with the teachings of yogic wisdom traditions. She considers yoga asana as the vehicle to investigate and internalize yogic philosophies and concepts.  

Her sequences are intelligently designed to improve flexibility, build strength, resilience, and empower students to foster a sense of curiosity about their unique asana practices. Utilizing the body’s muscle memory and the strength cultivated through a yang practice, classes are designed to become progressively more challenging while always holding the space for compassion. 

Islay views each group experience to be a personal practice that just happens to be in a community setting. With this philosophy in mind, she incorporates options and choice into her classes to facilitate an equitable platform for students to celebrate personal agency while making mindful decisions about their practice. 



First Sunday of every month, 6:30 – 8:30PM
Hosted by Rhode Island Hot Yoga, Providence RI

Go deeper into your practice by exploring the inner landscapes of body and mind through the practice of Yin Yoga. Yin yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga that incorporates principles of traditional Chinese medicine with asanas (postures), which are held for longer periods of time. A low to the earth practice, postures apply moderate stress to the connective tissues of the body – the tendons, fasciae, and ligaments – with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility.

During this extended class, you will uphold the tenets of Yin Yoga: coming to your appropriate edge, to be still and soft in the muscles, and hold shapes for a longer period of time – up to 10 minutes!

We will begin with a partially-guided meditation, in which you will become aware of your breath, thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations. You will be encouraged to maintain the mind body connection during practice, while saturating the connective tissues and basking in sensation – making your own appropriate adjustments along the way. Mindful communication techniques will be employed to help students understand the varying responses/experiences that may arise in their body. Class will close with a luxurious savasana.


4 Hour Workshop
Currently embedded within Providence Power Yoga’s 200hr TT

This 4 hour workshop will combine a yin asana practice with mindfulness techniques to guide participants deeper into their own unique experience, with the goal of becoming more comfortable listening to the sensations of the body and the mind, while honoring your practice where it is today. Mindful communication techniques will be employed to help participants understand the varying responses/experiences that other yogis have to the same sequence. 

By turning the gaze inward during a Yin Yoga class, you will enhance your proprioception (perception of the body’s position in space), and interoception (perception of one’s internal state and bodily signals), and your ability to engage with mental stimulus in a pragmatic way.

This workshop is ideal to embed within a 200hr YTT program, and provides aspiring instructors with a foundational understanding of Yin Yoga, Mindfulness Practices, and the value of their students personal agency.



2 Hour Workshop
Dates & times TBA

MyoYin combines MyoFascial Release (MFR) techniques with long, slow, passive Yin Yoga holds to release deeply held tension in the body, improve mobility, enhance the integrity of body tissues, and optimize the flow of chi. 

Our myofascial tissues develop trigger points everyday through our lifestyle patterns, unhealthy habits or poor bodily postures. These trigger points build up in the belly of the muscles, causing tensions and achiness that create lingering discomfort. 

Students will learn how to apply MFR ball rolling techniques to target areas of myofascial tension. This body work will be followed by complimentary yin yoga postures to encourage the tension to dissolve and melt. The practice will close with a luxurious savasana.