Islay is deeply grateful to her previous teachers, whose insights and generous knowledge have contributed to her development into the teacher and student she is today.

Islay is an E-RYT200 / RYT500 / YACEP educator based in Providence, Rhode Island. She has over 1,000 hours of yoga study; and received her 200hr teaching certification in 2017, and her 300hr certification in 2022. Her studies have focused on Yin Yoga, functional anatomy and mechanics, inclusivity, anti-racism, and decolonization. Islay is dedicated to contributing to her community by sharing yoga’s powerful practices, and holding the space for personal and collective enlightenment.

Courses & Certifications

Grihastha Yoga – Yoga of Householders with Prasad Rangnekar, 9 hours completed May 2024
Functional Yang & Shoulder Anatomy Teacher Training with Nicky Hadjithoma, 60 hours completed April 2024
Living The Gita with Prasad Rangnekar, 21 hours completed December 2023
Meridians, Yin and Hip Anatomy with Nicky Hadjithoma, 50 hours completed March 2023
The Adept Enchantment of Krishna with Anjali Rao, 4 hours completed October 2022
Myofascial Release, MyoYin & Spine Anatomy with Nicky Hadjithoma, 50 hours completed September 2022
RYT 300 Liberation Yoga Training with Bristol Maryott and Elizabeth Guardia, completed 2022
Yoga and Activism Workshop with Anjali Rao, 12 hours completed May 2022
Yinspiration Props Workshop with Jo Phee, 2 hours completed January 2022
Gift of the Gita with Anjali Rao, 5 hours completed January 2022
Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Theresa Murphy, 30 hours Audited January 2022
Sutra Sadhana with Anjali Rao, 6 hours completed July 2021
So You Want To Chant Om? Using Om and Namaste with Respect with Tejal Patel, 1.5 hours completed March 2021
Theming Workshop
 with Jennie Wadsten, 6 hours completed March 2021
Decolonizing Yoga
 with Kallie Schut, 10 hours completed March 2021
Introduction to Sanskrit with Jessica Kung and Stephane Dreyfus, 10 hours completed February 2021
Asana Lab with Davina Davidson, 10 hours completed January 2021
Refining Your Verbal Communication Skills with Alexandria Crow, 2 hours completed July 2020
Anti-Racism & Allyship for Rehab and Movement Professionals with Dr Jennifer Hutton, 2 hours completed June 2020
Introduction to Trauma-Informed Yoga Therapy
, with Alex Bauermeister, 16 hours completed February 2020
Deconstruct to Reconstruct
 with Alexandria Crow, 15 hours completed December 2019
Cadaver Anatomy Workshop
 with Ed Cardinal, 3 hours completed September 2019
Introduction to Mindfulness, 
Brown University Mindfulness Center, 7.5 hours completed August 2019
Yin Yoga Assisting Workshop 
with Melanie Cooper, 5 hours completed May 2019
Yoga Anatomy Workshop with David Keil, 20 hours completed Spring 2019
Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine with Tiffany Cruikshank, 5 hours complete December 2018
Yin Yoga 101 with Josh Summers, 20 hours completed July 2018
Yin Yoga for Your Body with Bernie Clark, 8 hours completed May 2018
Yoga Philosophy & Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras with Theresa Murphy, 10 hours completed March 2018
Congruence – Where Intention & Outcome Meet 
with Alexandria Crow, 17 hours completed January 2018
Inclusivity Training for Yoga: Building Community with Compassion
 with Chelsea Jackson Roberts, PhD, 20 CEUs completed February 2017.
From the Inside Out with Alexandria Crow, 15 hours completed December 2017
Yoga Therapy for Back Care with Theresa Murphy, 35 hours completed November 2017
Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Theresa Murphy, 30 hours completed September 2017
The Flow: Asana Families, Shape, Study & Sequencing with Theresa Murphy, 15 hours completed July 2017
RYT 200 Vinyasa Yoga Training at Providence Power Yoga, completed May 2017

This August, join me for a three part workshop series, Interstitium, combining joint mobility, MFR techniques, and yin yoga poses.