Iris Apfel: My Muse

Iris Apfel4Oh man, I am utterly smitten and inspired by Iris Apfel. Her snappy sense of humor, daring fashion sense, and dedication to being her authentic self make her a role model for fashionistas and makers alike.

I recently watched the documentary, IRIS, that delves into her life – it was a spectacular visual cacophony… She pairs bright patterns, sparkly gemstones, and tribal prints in her daily wardrobe. Iris is a prime example of how people can be walking pedestals for artwork; that we are all living artworks. Considering that what I’m currently working on uses low budget materials, I especially appreciate that she primarily collects costume jewelry.

Since watching the documentary, I’ve found myself wondering ‘What Would Iris Do?‘ when I’m stumped in my studio. If you’d like to learn more about Iris Apfel, you can watch her documentary here.

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