Artist Statement

As a jeweler, I find inspiration in the everyday object. There is splendor and appeal in the mundane and neglected materials that surround us. 

The goal of my work is to encapsulate unexpected materials within the format of adornment, in order to create pieces which subversively present the neglected in an aesthetically appealing way.

I am drawn to using materials that are not intended to be worn. By juxtaposing content with form, I accentuate the conversation between concepts of material, tradition, and aesthetic beauty. The work vibrates with the interchange of opposing fundamental resources.

I am particularly interested in emphasizing and exploring ideas of object value, as well as concepts of historical formal aesthetics. I strive to create objects of adornment that will enable the wearer to recognize the beauty of the alternative, non-precious, or industrial materials situated within the visual format of jewelry.

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