I was recently visiting a friends house, when I notice a captivating collection of iridescent blue baubles in her dining room. Upon closer inspection, the mysterious little beauties turned out to be a collection of delicate brass jewelry with a glowing blue material decorating the pieces.
I was captivated and curious. The iridescence of the pieces reminded me of butterfly wing paintings that my mother collects. The blue quite literally glows with a rainbow sheen of an oil slick in the sun.

Erin, the proud owner of this stunning menagerie, as well as the local store Frog And Toad, explained to me that the pieces were Chinese hair ornaments made from King Fisher throat feathers. Fragile, yet vibrant, these pieces truly seemed to be alive. The stylized designs of the King Fisher jewelry references flowers, bugs, and leaves.

When I went into Frog And Toad the following week, Erin showed me the rest of her King Fisher collection, a few pieces from which are pictured above. Although these pieces have been damaged more over time, they are no less beautiful. In fact, I think that the wear and tear of these little treasures truly adds to their beauty. I really love how the bright colored brass shows through where the feathers are missing, and how the hardware components, when not in use, become utilitarian decorative elements.

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