Amazing little giftie!

I was so happy to open up my mail box the other day, and find a package from my dear friend Wendi (who recently moved from Providence to Madison, which was a very sad event for me). Wendi is a super creative person, an amazing cook, and all around wonderful maker-of-all-things-awe-inspiring. You should check out her blog, Modern Ma’am, which has a wide range of info from recipes to knitting to house hold tips.

Anyway, the reason why I’m writing this blog post is because inside this package was a hand knit neckpiece that Wendi made for me! She said it was her first piece of knit jewelry, and I’m hoping that she makes more! I love the soft texture of the yarn, and how dressy it can make a casual tee shirt. It also reminds me of the lace and tatted collars that women used to wear… Considering that I have a soft spot for all things that refresh historical ideas, I’m totally in love with this necklace!

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  1. Oh my! A post all about me?! *blush*
    Hooray! It looks wonderful on you. I love the photo of the other woman and it’s inspiring me to try more delicate, lacy jewelry. I should look at more old photos like that one. Also, I love your new blog layout and headliner picture!

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