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Lark Book Call For Entry

There are only two weeks left to apply for Lark Books newest publication in their jewelry series; 500 Necklaces. The juror for 500 necklaces will be Chunghi Choo, Professor of Jewelry and Metal Arts at the University of Iowa, and you can find out more information about applying here.

Lark has a good history of putting out high quality, thematic books featuring different craft medias; I was lucky enough to be included in their most recent 500 Rings book. Below are the images that I used to apply into their current call with. Fingers crossed that I get accepted!

Live Action Haute Mess

If you’re prone to seizures, you probably shouldn’t view this post. This past spring, my Pro Nailz knuckle dusters were featured in a Vogue Italia editorial. The article  has garnered a lot of attention for being a controversial photo shoot. The concept of saturated extravagance has been articulated through gender bending women sporting candy wrapper weaves,  cupcakes, and pounds of jewelry. This issue has been very difficult to get ahold of in the states, but I found these GIFs to share. To me, the models are combination of Priscilla Queen of the Desert and New York City club kids.

You can seem y rings being prominently displayed by the Guinevere, in the middle GIF.

Haute Mess, Abbey Lee Kershaw by Steven Meisel


Haute Mess, Guinevere van Seenus by Steven Meisel


Haute Mess, Joan Smalls by Steven Meisel

Our studio is becoming more and more like a botanical garden every day. This weeks big surprise is that the orchid cactus, which I’ve named The Audrey III, started blooming! It’s spectacular, and I can’t help but share a picture of it.

Flotsam & Jetsam, again

I’m currently working on a project proposal, that would allow me to focus on making a series of neckpieces that would highlight the flotsam and jetsam washed up on Rhode Islands beaches. I’ll be focusing on Rhode Islands top five beaches that gross the most amount of trash, rearranging the detritus and making laser-cut neckpieces of the silhouettes.

Here’s a work in progress:

Flotsam & Jetsam

I’m beginning to work on a new project, which I’m calling Flotsam & Jetsam. This project will focus on trash collected from the five most polluted beaches in Rhode Island. This cache is from the South Kingstown town beach, and has some particularly colorful bits of detritus. I found a shoe, sunglasses, lobster pot bits, ropes, bottle caps, shell cartridges, wire, and a glove.
I’ll be using these materials to create adornment from. Although the finished product won’t incorporate this source material, I really love the saturated colors and patterns created by teh trash. Consider this an appetizer, as I’ll be posting more images of the project as it develops.

Vogue Italia

My knuckle dusters are going to be in this months Vogue Italia magazine! So, if you see this amazingly overthetop cover on news stands, buy it! I’m honored to be included in this publication, especially considering the theme. I can’t wait to see which story my work ends up in… It would be amazing if it were on Joan Smalls! Just look at how amazing her nails are!