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Blogged on My Love For You!

I’ve been following Meighan O’Toole’s amazing blog, My Love For You, for quite a while now. Meighan has created a repository of amazing makers, I got to her webspace for a stimulating mental vacation and to view inspirating works from two and three dimensional artists…
Imagine my surprise this morning when I find an email in my inbox from a friend congratulating me on having my work on her website! After clicking through the link that was provided in the email, I found a post about my Pro Nailz rings! Needless to say, I’m increadibly honored to have Meighan dedicate a blog post to me, and I feel like an overly excited nerd about joining the ranks of the artists included in My Love For You.
Thanks to Meighan for acknowledging my work, and for having such kind words about it.
And thanks to Wendi, for liking my work (and me) enough to share!

Brightest Young Things hypes OBJECTIFIED

The Washington DC based arts and culture blog, Brightest Young Things, has included an article on their website about Objectified. Their writers came to Honfleur Gallery this week for a preview of the show, and to do a behind the scenes interview about the objective of the exhibition.

I think that it was a challenging exhibition to write a synopsis about on the fly, and I think that BYT ended up writing a pretty good article, although I wish that it discussed the artists concepts a little more precisely. I’m just glad that they took the time to come to the gallery to check out the show.

You can read the article here.


I was excited and flattered to see that I’ve been blogged about on one of the blogs that I’m currently following, Broesvitrine.

Broesvitrine showcases international jewelry that is ‘fresh, special, beautiful or plain crazy.’ Jewelry designer Broes van Iterson authors the blog and updates it weekly with new gems that she finds.

Highlighted by Broes was one of the luminescent pieces that I did recently, Biopsy II, which is pictured above. Please be sure to check out Broesvitrine, it’s a great resource to learn more about fine art jewelry being made today.