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Our studio is becoming more and more like a botanical garden every day. This weeks big surprise is that the orchid cactus, which I’ve named The Audrey III, started blooming! It’s spectacular, and I can’t help but share a picture of it.

Design Bureau Magazine!!!

I’m excited to share that my Knuckle Dusters have been featured in this months Design Bureau Magazine!

It’s really neat to be included in Design Bureau, which connects a like-minded community of design enthusiasts across the world with one common idea: discovering great design and the people who make it happen.

Check out the image below highlighting my work. The article is from their gift guide , where my pieces were suggested for you to buy for your fashionable friend

Elizabeth Taylors Jewelry collection up for auction at Christie’s

There is no doubt that Elizabeth Taylor is a legend on and off the silver screen… but it could be argued that her extensive collection of jewelry is just as legendary as she was. Since her death, the fate of her 269 piece jewelry collection has been in limbo; but not it’s fate has been decided. Her collection of metal and stones valued at over $150 million be up for auction this December at Christie’s New York auction house. As a jewelry enthusiast, I’m giddy just thinking about it…

Taylor stated in her 2002 book, My Love Affair With Jewelry, “As I look at some of my jewels I realize what a very lucky girl I am. Sometimes I wonder what will become of everything, because just like the Duchess of Windsor’s collection, they will all be up for auction one day. They will be scattered to the four corners of the world, and I hope that whoever buys each piece loves it as much as I do and takes care of it and realizes that having jewelry is a temporary gift. In truth, we ‘owners’ are just the caretakers. Nobody owns beautiful paintings. Nobody ever owns anything this beautiful. We are only the guardians.” Her sentiments seem oddly prophetic, but also realistic to the fact that jewelry is only a temporal asset.

The cache of jewelry will be touring internationally between now and December, and will be exhibited to the public from December 3rd through the 12th in New York. And, a portion of the money raised from these viewings will go to the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation. The auction of the collection will begin immediately following the New York viewing.

The Mike Todd Diamond Tiara An Antique Diamond Tiara, circa 1880 Gift from
Mike Todd, 1957 Estimate: $60,000-80,000

La Peregrina – The Legendary Pearl 16th Century Pearl Ruby and Diamond Necklace designed by Elizabeth Taylor, with Al Durante of Cartier Gift from Richard Burton, January 23, 1969 Estimate: $2,000,000 – 3,000,000

The Cleopatra Mirror, A Turquoise and Gold Mirror By BVULGARI, Estimate: $8,000-12,000

The Burton Wedding Bands, Estimate: $6,000-8,000

Alloy Gallery at the Santa Monica Art Museum

Alloy Gallery, who carries some of my work, has been invited to do a show at the Santa Monica Art Museum at the end of the month. I’m excited, because they’ll be bringing some of my neoprene work and my knuckle dusters with them to California for the event. The show is in conjunction with their annual fundraiser, ‘Incognito,’ which features contemporary artworks by 500 artists. Alloy will be taking over the museum store and selling works from their ‘pop-up’ gallery space.

For more information about Alloy’s pop-up gallery space, click here.

Also, Alloy is local… So if there are any Rhode Islanders reading this, you should stop by. They have a wonderful collection of art jewelry, and the owner Tamar is a phenomenal artist and knowledgeable gallery owner.

Jewelry From Found Objects

About a year ago, I was asked to participate in a book that fellow jeweler, Heather Skowood, was writing about jewelry made from found objects. Obviously, I was flattered to be a part of Heathers’ project, which focuses on the use of found objects, and recycled or reclaimed materials in jewelry. The book includes work by a grouping of amazing international artists whose work supports the books topic, and I have some work included from my RISD thesis show. In addition to being a curated collection of work, the book also features some how-to projects as well.

The book is due to be released from the publisher on March 11th, which is just around the corner! But, if you can’t wait that long, Jewelry From Found Objects is already available for presale on Amazon in the States and the UK. I can’t wait to check out the end result, and am excited for Heather’s accomplishment!

Tonight I went to the RISD Jewelry & Metalsmithing exhibit at the Sol koffer Gallery. It’s a great show featuring graduate student work, i’ll be going back tomorrow to take better pictures of the installation. Until then, consider this image as an appetizer and get you ass downtown to check it out!

And this little piggy…

…ran all the way home.

No, actually he didn’t.
This little piggy put on some eye-liner, donned some seriously jaw dropping Chopard earrings, and went to town. Now, that’s my kind of fairy tale!
The latest issue of Russian Vogue Magazine featured a story depicting a saucy little pig (think Babe meets a more refined version of Miss Piggy) flaunting Chopard jewelry. The lucky little pig got to wear a beautiful pair of diamond earrings as well as an exquisite silver parure.
Ignoring the questionable nature of piercing a pigs ears for the sake of fashion, this is an adorable set of pictures. Clearly, the message is that opulence is back and even the swine is worthy of pearls.