Edinburgh Conquests…

While I was recently in Edinburgh, I visited The Antiquity Shoppe. Although I was on a specific mission to find antique coins to add to my travel bracelet, I ended up finding so many more treasures at The Antiquity Shoppe!

The shop is nestled into a winding road just off the Royal Mile as you head down to Waverly Station. The display window is completely filled with antique jewelry, coins, and silver ware… It reminded me of a candy shop window, with all the tantalizing goodies just begging me to come in and take them home. Once inside you’re overwhelmed by towering stacks of display cases from floor to ceiling. With little elbow room, it takes a cautious buyer to peruse the wares. I came across an antique ring sizer, which I regretfully didn’t purchase, some wonderful watch fobs, lockets, and mourning jewellery.

I did take home with me some pieces that were exceptionally beautiful. As you know, I like padlocks… so I decided to purchase a 1960’s sterling silver heart padlock bracelet. I also purchased a mourning brooch, which appears to be made of dyed horn or possibly gutta percha. The hand is holding a spray of flowers isn’t necessarily a memorial piece, but, the hand links itself to the first stage of mourning in its material. I also purchased a lovely little enameled locket. The gold locket has a floral design enameled on one side, while the other features a tiny portrait of a bride. She was just so beautiful and lonely, I just couldn’t leave her to collect dust.

click on the image for a larger view.

The owner of The Antique Shoppe, Simon Cavanagh, and his mother were both phenomenal people. They were both helpful and knowledgeable. If you are ever in Scotland, this shop is definitely worth a trip to Edinburgh… I will surely be going back!

The Antique Shoppe
49 Cockburn Street
T:0131 226 3391

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