Emily Miranda

I just got a text from a friend, who came across an article from the New York Times featuring the jewelry of Emily Miranda. The text was a picture of the full article, which I’ve posted below. I’m always ecstatic to see jewelers and fine art jewelry featured in the media, as it’s a good way to inform the public about handmade jewelry. This piece of jewelry directly references Henri Matisse’s later series of paintings, whose bold shapes and colors I have always been attracted to. The necklace is created from highly polished brass, and is super-opulent looking. I love the non-symmetrical design, and the way it fills the body space. This work is also reminiscent of the jewelry pieces that Alexander Calder made, utilizing the same nontraditional linkage systems, bold shapes, and sense of movement.

If you click on the image below, it should open larger so that you can actually read the article…

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