First Lovelock

The first lock has been affixed to the newly designated space for commemorative padlocks! Actually, I encouraged my parents to be the first pair to use a lock to symbolize themselves. My father is a pretty dedicated collector of tools and hardware, so he was able to supply an antique lock for the wall, and my mother used nailpolish to sign their initials on the lock. Initially, I thought that they’d be apprehensive about defacing private property, my dad especially, but they were really excited about the whole idea! After my parents permanently fixed their lock to the fence, they walked across India Point Park and threw the key into the ocean!


  1. No need to sign up! Next time you’re in Providence, just head over to India Point Park, and lock up a padlock to the fence! I’m going to be making a couple fliers that will have actual directions to the location, so keep your eyes peeled… And, thanks for reading!

  2. I live on Roosevelt Island in NYC which is 800 ft wide by 2 miles long totally surrounded by fences and since I don’t anticipate being in Providence any time soon I would love to start something like that here. Would you mind?

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