Hair Couture

I just came across a new line of hair jewelry today!

Good friends Anna Rybakov and Eve Cahill have joined artistic forces to create the design collaborative, Grau Wal. Founded in 2009, the collection began as a labor of love when the two women were making bracelets and necklaces for themselves. After much outside interest, the duo decided to buckle down and launch their own company in February of this year.

The creations that have come out of the collaboration have an instant Victorian appeal, which the ladies admit was a starting point, and ended up being “very interesting and wonderfully morbid.” With main design elements of intricately plaited braids ranging from blonde to brunette to auburn, these pieces reference the custom of wearing a loved ones hair during the mourning process.

The necklaces and bracelets from Grau Wal are intricately well made, and aesthetically pleasing with a luxurious color palate of finished gold. However, the works also solicit an uncanny experience associated with draping oneself in hair, albeit synthetic.

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