I want, I want, I want

I just came across this amazing tape while perusing the items on display at nonesuch things. The tape was designed by a Parisian jeweler, Marie-Helene de Taillac, who creates beautifully cascading necklaces and earrings that rely heavily on the bright saturation of precious stones. Marie-Helene has created the jewel tape using images of bezel set precious stones in a spectrum of colors, ranging from greens and blues to sparkly pinks or reds. Apparently, she even revised the color balance on two rounds of prototypes because the printed tape didn’t look like the actual stones before she felt that the stones actually reflected their authentic counterparts.

My mind is rolling with ideas of what I could do with this amazing tape… At 16 meters long, there’s lots of possibilities! From gift wrap, to impromptu picture frames on the wall, to package design… I can’t wait to have a couple of rolls of this in my hot little hands!

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