So, I get all anxious and whiney and desperate when I find ingenious pieces of jewelry on the internet. I’m in a tizzy that I don’t think I can live without these smart knit pieces below. I can only justify my obsession by stating that it’s getting cold out, and jewelry that can double as outter-wear seems to be utilitarian, and therefore, I must own it!
This chain from Yokoo is so gangSTAR! I love the size, the texture, and the oddly 80’s Run DMC influence of this piece. You can visit Yokoo’s store on etsy.com, where she has tons of cool stuff available.
Another cool find on etsy.com is this knitted power cord necklace from knitknit. I love the simplicity of the piece, and how much it still resembles an actual power cord. It’s such a clever translation of a crocheted tube into something playful that just wants to get wrapped around a neck.

I really like wearable textile pieces, and I especially like it when artists incorporate age old traditions like crocheting. But sometimes crocheted elements in jewelry can look like grandmothers doilies ended up on the body… I found this set (Ok, I know it’s not technically jewelry, but I’d love to adorn myself with this Ol’ West Parure) by Inger Carina as I was browsing around for neat-o things on the internet. Inger is a Swedish textile artist, and you can see more of her amazing work at Hello Craft Lovers!

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