Jointed Jewels by Alissia Melka-Teichroew

So, I was just perusing the internet when I cam across an amazing artist, Alissia Melka-Teichroew. Seriously, her series of jointed jewels makes my head hurt a little! Alissia seems to be part jewelery, part industrial designer, and part magician. Her work, which references ball joints in cars and hip replacements, uses selective laser sintering to create the ball within a ball as one piece. Each piece is made in a single shot, using the laser to additively sculpt each work in it’s entirety at one time… no post assembly needed!

Alissia finds inspiration in iconic jewelery, including luxury brands such as Bulgari and Cartier, and many of the bangles, necklaces and rings are interpretations of renaissance and Victorian jewels. Her multi-tiered pieces have connecting joints that pick up on human bone structure.

This is the same process that Nervous System used to create their intricately structured nylon rings. I really appreciate the co-opting that both these designers have done with the process of selective laser sintering, sometimes when techniques are so based in the technical it makes it hard for artists and makers to utilize them. I’m a little jealous of their brains, and totally want their work!


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