Off to England

I won’t be posting much for the month of May, as I’ll be vacationing in England for a couple of weeks. In honor of my upcoming journey, I wanted to share some images from the English fashion portrait photographer Sir Cecil Beaton. Best know for his theatrical society portraits and stylized fashion photography, Beaton was not know for being a technically accurate photographer but instead focused on staging a compelling model or scene and looking for the perfect shutter-release moment.

I’ve included the images below because of their focus on the fantastical and adornment. To me, these images speak to the nature of the glitz and decadence associate with the era of the 1920’s and 30’s in London. I love the metallic, gem like quality of the sets that the women are posed in, it reminds us that electricity was just coursing through the veins of the metropolis… The women become part of their surroundings, and it’s as if these beauties are physically inside a glittering diamond!

Baba Beaton a symphony in silver

Baba Beaton, Wanda Baille Hamilton, and Lady Bridget Poullett

Miss Nancy Beaton as a shooting star

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