This is what my dinning room table looks like these days. Apparently I’m running an underground nail salon… at least that’s what it smells like! The truth is that I’m working on getting some good nail art designs under my belt for a project I’m working on. The plan is to make a series of rings that will feature some extravagant acrylic nail designs as the ‘gem stone.’ I’ve come close to perfecting the zebra motif, and have logged tons of hours on the internet watching ‘how to’ tutorials on youtube.

Although I’m sure that this seems like a crazy venture at this point, I’m really excited about how this will develop… I can’t wait to get the ring shanks a little further along so that I can see what the nails will look like in their settings.

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  1. Oh, dear god! These things creep me out in a BIG way!!
    I once found one in a salad in a restaurant and couldn’t eat for the rest of the day. It makes me queasy thinking about it.

    I’m now very intrigued to see how you use them and if you can neutralise the horror.

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