SO Rhode Island Interview!

I was recently interviewed for what I thought was going to be a short side-bar piece about myself and my role as Gallery Director at Hera Gallery… However, when I picked up the latest issue of SO Rhode Island Magazine, a local Arts & Entertainment Monthly, I was surprised to see a full page portrait of myself smiling (awkwardly) back at me.
Despite the intimidating full page photo, the writing is very generous and references some of my aesthetic philosophies, inspirations, and recent works. They also make note of Chromophilia, which was a great free plug for that show. I’m pretty flattered to have been featured in this months paper, and really appreciate the opportunity to talk about the artistic interests that I’m involved in.

Click on the photo above to enlarge the image and read the article.


  1. Also, I like that they loved your rubber glove stuff (because clearly it’s rad) and what you say about jewelry being able to go out into the world instead of being on a pedestal and the “prepare to be wowed” part.

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