Studio Field Trip


This week, my studio-mates and I went on a field trip together to a local close out jewelry supply company, Wolf E Myrow. They carry everything from semi precious beads to plastic baubles to cameos to bone and ivory pieces to chain to finished jewelry to swarovski crystals to holographic Led Zeppelin stickers. Located in a dilapidating mill building in Providence’s Olneyville neighborhood, Wolf E Myrow is unsuspecting from the exterior, but don’t be fooled…  Once you step inside, you’ll find a maze-like network of antechambers opening into cavernous rooms all jam packed with floor to ceiling shelves laden with boxes of jewelry making components. Every time I go to Wolf E Myrow, I’m newly amazed, newly overwhelmed, and newly inspired about how it’s going to influence my creative practice.Islay Taylor Wolf E Chain

There is a room the size of a basketball court for various styles of chain in copper, brass, and other non-precious metals. Islay Taylor Wolf EHere’s an example of the ‘organizational’ system. It’s like Hogwarts meets the Borrowers meets the theives’ den from Alibaba and the Forty Thieves.
Islay Taylor Wolf E HaulThe best part is that all your treasures come in a barf bag. Super classy!

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