Engagement Ring Commission

I recently had the pleasure to work on a commission for an amazing couple: Graham and Karina. I’ve been acquainted with these two for a couple of years now, when Graham told me that he wanted to propose to Karina and was interested in getting a custom engagement ring for her.

Graham wanted something unique that had a sense of texture and depth to it. I was inspired by how open Graham was to different designs, and ended up basing their ring off of van Gogh’s Starry Night painting. Similar to the famous impressionistic painting, I wanted the textures of this ring to overlap and blend towards the centerpiece of the ring: a brilliant aquamarine set into a gold bezel. Along the way, I inlaid droplets of gold through the ring shank to integrate the bezel into the design.

Ultimately, I am extremely happy with the ring and it was so much fun working with Graham on the design. It’s a big responsibility making a singular object to represent two peoples love and affection, and I’d be lying to say that I wasn’t a little intimidated at first. I’m honored that Graham entrusted me with such a precious task.

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