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Commission In Progress

I’ve been working on an engagement ring for a couple that I absolutely adore. When I was approached about this project, the only guidelines that I was given was to do whatever I wanted and keep the cost low. What an amazing and intimidating opportunity! What I decided to do was to take all the gold scrap I had in the studio, alloy it into an ingot, and then roll it out to a thin ribbon. I’ve riveted the ribbon with a sterling silver tube, which will eventually have a diamond set in it. I’m officially over the intimidation, and am completely in love with this ring… here’s hoping that the couple likes it too!Isla Taylor Engagement Ring 2

Engagement Ring Commission

I recently had the pleasure to work on a commission for an amazing couple: Graham and Karina. I’ve been acquainted with these two for a couple of years now, when Graham told me that he wanted to propose to Karina and was interested in getting a custom engagement ring for her.

Graham wanted something unique that had a sense of texture and depth to it. I was inspired by how open Graham was to different designs, and ended up basing their ring off of van Gogh’s Starry Night painting. Similar to the famous impressionistic painting, I wanted the textures of this ring to overlap and blend towards the centerpiece of the ring: a brilliant aquamarine set into a gold bezel. Along the way, I inlaid droplets of gold through the ring shank to integrate the bezel into the design.

Ultimately, I am extremely happy with the ring and it was so much fun working with Graham on the design. It’s a big responsibility making a singular object to represent two peoples love and affection, and I’d be lying to say that I wasn’t a little intimidated at first. I’m honored that Graham entrusted me with such a precious task.

New Commission!

I was recently asked to create a set of 5 necklaces for a woman to give as gifts to the bridesmaids in her wedding.

I decided to abstract the couple’s names and use that as the direct source for the designs of each necklace. Once the individual necklaces are put back together, the text becomes legible again… reading ‘Jon and Alicia.’

I’m obscenely pleased with how the pieces came out, and might do this again someday. Here’s hoping that the couple getting married actually like the idea as well!